Paris, Baghdad, Beirut

Recent terrorist attacks in three cities have left many of us overwhelmed by rage and despair. We are fearful of repercussions on the innocent, and of the world spiralling into darkness. We can’t choose our feelings, but we can choose what to do next.

Feasting on hopelessness and negativity won’t help. Dropping more bombs won’t help. Closing our borders, our minds, and our hearts won’t help.

What helps is connecting. We have to unglue ourselves from Facebook and Twitter. Go outside and be with people. Look at them. Say hello to strangers. Cherish our kids. Show them what love can do. Forgive someone. Notice beauty. Laugh! Join the Refugee Support Project and welcome the Syrian family that our community is sponsoring.

Do what’s right in front of you. Feed the homeless. Adopt a stray. Give all you can to the helpers, the healers, the creators and peacemakers. Because every time you do, it makes a tiny pinprick of light. And this is what happens ……