The Spread Light Project began with something I posted on Facebook last January:

CandleI think we should re-wind 2015 and start over again. At the moment there is so much suffering, hatred, and stupidity on this broken planet that I want to say, ” I’m not really from here. I’m actually from a much nicer planet where there is no Big Oil, terrorism, or box stores, and the people are generous, tolerant, and kind. The economy is green, and Elizabeth May is Prime Minister. I don’t know how I got here, but one day soon my people are coming to get me and take me back to my real home.”

But that’s not an option, is it? We are more or less stuck here …. with each other.

“Where there’s darkness, spread light.” I can’t remember who said that. It was either Jesus or Anne Lamott. But I don’t have a better idea. So spread your light, my pretties. Sing, feed the birds, play with a child or a dog, write poems, tell your story, dance, tend, paint your dreams, wear warm socks. And most of all, love. It’s the only thing that will save us, that can save us.

For some reason, this post received a lot of attention. It went to my head. I thought I would start a blog and save the world. I went to WordPress and discovered that a lot of other people had the same idea. I decided to join them.

This blog is an attempt to spread some light through beautiful images, humour, and reflections of life on a small island. I hope that you will contribute to it and share your own thoughts and sources of light.

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